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Men's Eye Cream Vital Eye Gel


  • Busy lifestyles, stress and strain can get the better of all of us. And the tell-tale signs – they’re in the eyes. A quick pump of VITRU Vital Eye Gel gets to work straight away, quickly and easily removing the signs of a demanding day.
  • Vitality is restored and aching eyes are nourished to reveal a brighter and bushier you, full of life and ready to tackle whatever the day may bring.
  • A blend of Aloe Vera and Arnica guarantees to reduce puffiness and dark circles whilst added Siberian Ginseng and Marine Magnesium relaxes fine lines to ensure skin feels toned and tightened.
  • See a noticeable difference from the instant effects of Vital Eye Gel as it works to combat fatigue and irritation whilst hydrating, smoothing and lifting the eye area.

How To Use

  • One pump is enough.
  • Apply underneath both eyes and around each eye socket.
  • Be careful to avoid the eyelid and eyelashes.

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