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  • Monu Anti Ageing Concentrate Monu Anti Ageing Concentrate

Monu Anti Ageing Concentrate


  • A revolutionary concentrate designed to re-educate the skin.
  • Our skin is constantly under attack due to poor diets, working environments, stress, medication etc.
  • This concentrate contains specific ingredients that have been blended and formulated to help the skin function more effectively therefore noticing a dramatic increase in the skins overall health, vitality and youthfulness.
  • Perfect as a skin boost any time of year or running up to a special occasion
  • A great way to re-educate the skin and ensure it functions to the best of its ability


How To Use

This concentrate has been designed to use alternately with Pro Retinol Anti Ageing Concentrate on a daily basis. Gently massage two pumps of the serum into clean skin over the face and neck until completely absorbed. These serums can be used throughout the year, or, can be used as a skin boost running up to any special events such as weddings or parties. We do recommend applying and SPF 15 on top of the Pro Retinol Anti Ageing Concentrate if using during the daytime due to its retinol content.

- See more at: http://www.monushop.co.uk/products/monu/repair/Monu-Anti-Ageing-Concentrate.html#sthash.O81eOAAV.dpuf

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