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  • Monu Calming Cream Monu Calming Cream

Monu Calming Cream


  • This green-tinted preparation cream has been carefully formulated to deeply nourish the skin, soothing irritation and reducing signs of redness. 
  • The ideal product for those who suffer with broken capillaries, rosacea or sensitive skin. It works to neutralise high colour, leaving the complexion looking calm and comforted. 
  • An intelligent blend of ingredients from Horse Chestnut Seed Extract and Bisabolol to Yarrow Extract and Rutin are sure to thoroughly relax and rejuvenate distressed skin, soothing irritation and refreshing the complexion. 
  • Added Coconut Oil and Vitamin E rich Wheat Protein guarantee to replenish lost lipids, softening the skin and invigorating confidence in your appearance.

How To Use

  • Apply every morning and night on affected areas after cleansing and toning, tapping lightly into the skin until absorbed
  • For therapists who do thread vein treatments this is an indispensable home care preparation as a follow up to treatment
  • Calming Cream should NOT be used after electrotherapy

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